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Ever wonder why the dishes you thought were washed are covered with white spot when dry? Or why the water in your shower leaves a film on everything?

Hard water could be the culprit. Hard water can effect your plumbing system. Calcium and magnesium deposits build up in pipes reducing the flout taps and appliances. When it comes to water heaters, the minerals build-up and lessen the life expectancy of the unit.

This is where a water softener, will help aid with these issues. Our highly skilled technicians, will guide you in the right direction as to which system(s) are right for your home. Our goal is to offer you a low maintenance, lasting system to get your water safe for your family. 


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Do you have these issues in your home?

  • mineral buildup around water fixtures?
  • soap doesn’t lather up well in the shower?
  • spots on your dishes after they have gone through the dishwasher
  • soap scum on the tub, curtains and shower doors?
  • dry itchy skin?
  • water heater failed?
  • dull and scratchy clothing?
You may have Hard water issues.
One call to EJ Mac Plumbing and we can help you fix these water issues.
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